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contemporary timeless open plan kitchen living room

Distinguishing old and new while creating a sense of cohesion, Pacific House is the home of interior designer Megan Brown, principal of Penman Brown. A generous new pavilion was added to the original California bungalow, capturing northern light and views of the landscape, enhancing the home’s connection to its coastal environment.


Full Interior Design, Custom Fabrication, Furnishing, Object and Art


Photograohy: Felix Forest

Styling: Studio CD

Text: The Local Project - A Private Oasis – Pacific House by Penman Brown

modern monochromatic living room
natural light integrated living - kitchen
modern contamporary monochromatic kitchen
sun light filled living room
white kitchen details

A palette of tactile natural materials was selected to complement the heritage of the original bungalow while imbuing a sense of contemporary coastal elegance. Speaking to the textures and tones of the landscape yet strictly adhering to a monochromatic palette, the layered subtleties ensure the design is at once contemporary and timeless.

monochromatic contemporary kitchen with island
kitchen island with modern joinery
modern contemporary timeless laundry
timeless dining room
minimalist joinery with hidden cabinets

"There is a wonderful sense of relaxation and serenity in this space."

"I wanted to create a sense of grandeur but I also put so much time into designing the floor plan for functionality, so it is a really easy house to live in."

- Megan Brown 

formal living room with custom made bar
dining and living room transition

Fixtures and loose furnishings were selected for their organic qualities, yet a focus on line as the overarching design emphasis ensures a sense of the modern and refined prevails.

timeless and integrated fireplace
modern design corridor
timeless modern monochromatic bathroom
sun light filled staircase
modern timeless bedroom
timeless white bathroom with freestanding bath
timeless white bathroom with freestanding bath
timeless white bathroom with freestanding bath
modern minimalist office joinery
modern minimalist office joinery
modern timeless beach house entrance
sunlight filled office
indoor - outdoor connection modern house
contemporary timeless pool
outdoor seating
modern contemporary outdoor space
indoor outdoor conection beach house

Curves and arches found in the new pavilion echo those of the original bungalow, creating unified design language throughout. Meanwhile, the bungalow itself was pared back, enabling a sense of simplicity to prevail that enhances the previously dark interior to feel more open, spacious and light.

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