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With a passionate belief that how a space makes you feel is of paramount importance, Penman Brown crafts thoughtful interiors that are rich with warmth, light, intimacy and connectivity.


Our award-winning studio Penman Brown is renowned for creating a sense of grandeur without pretension and offering a fresh take on relaxed, contemporary living. Not adverse to adventurous choices, me and my team effortlessly combine softness with edginess, detail with scale, understatement with luxury, working with clients to achieve a harmonious, relaxing and elegant home which is completely unique.


With a background in fine arts and luxury brand marketing as well as interior design, and inspired by travelling and working overseas, My designs are finessed and perfectly resolved. I create a dialogue between rooms that is enhanced by continuity yet enlivened by points of difference. Custom-made features lend a bespoke quality and seamlessly integrate with practical choices and new technology for functional living.

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